Kingdom Hearts II’s Roxas No. 2, new from Play Arts Kai

The 2005 Square Enix action RPG was as stellar a hit as any of the video-game heavyweights of the noughties. It spawned a novel and a manga spin-off, and was known for its darkness and complexity in comparison to its predecessor. Roxas is a “Nobody”, an entity that came about as Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora briefly lost his heart.

Help the boy from Organization XIII catch hearts with his Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. To bring his character from the screen to real life, he comes with a salt ice cream accessory, interchangeable hands and a display stand. Standing eight inches tall, he’s the size we’ve come to look forward to from Square Enix and Play Arts Kai. Roxas is just big enough to render him a deluxe figure and just the right size to display alongside your other Play Arts Kai and Kingdom Hearts figures.

Nothing like a Keyblade to show you're 'bout it.

Nothing like a Keyblade to show you’re ’bout it.