Amp up your collection with the Star Wars Black Series Deluxe Han Solo and Tauntaun

Wouldn’t you like to have a reptomammal as as pet? The Tauntauns, natives of the icy planet of Hoth, proved to be loyal and trusty pack animals and patrol aids who could flourish in the cold winters of outer space. Patron animal saints to the Rebel Alliance, Tauntauns became a cultural staple, as we saw plush Tauntauns given as toys to small children during the Second Galactic War.

And who better to complement their legacy than a six-inch rendering of legendary human smuggler Han Solo, Rebel Alliance hero and New Republic icon. In the second series of the Star Wars Black Series’s deluxe figures, this Han-Taun double whammy will become nothing but necessary to collectors and casual fans alike! Place your order now for delivery in March.

Tauntaun for what?

Tauntaun for what?


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