Batman and Joker from Injustice: Gods Among Us are now here!

Back in October we announced the impending arrival of these two figures based on the 2013 fighting game dreamed up by NetherRealm designers and DC writers. Now, Batman (pictured below) is here and fresh for the new year as a 6-inch creation by Japan’s elite collection syndicate Tamashii Nations.

This deluxe toy — besides coming ready as ever to bring justice to the forces of Gotham’s wicked, as per usual — includes two kinds of interchangeable hand parts, two Batarangs, a Bat-Grenade and a grapple gun. All the better to prove that he’s just as heroic as any other DC hero(ine). Whether he’s tearing up bad guys on the silver screen or leaping through buildings in a virtual Gotham City, a new imagination of Batman is all the more to celebrate. And don’t forget that we’ve got the Joker, too!

Dressed to the nines.

Dressed to the nines.


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