Just in! Indiana Jones is about to emerge from the Temple of Doom

The availability of an exclusive Indiana Jones figure by Sideshow Collectibles has just been announced, and we’ve got the scoop on it. What were you when Steven Spielberg’s classic 1984 action-adventure Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came out? Whether you didn’t exist yet, were but a wee babe or were lucky to be old enough to appreciate the hype, any fan will totally dig this 12-inch, 1/6 scale figure by Sideshow!

The inimitably clever and dashingly handsome archaeologist (as played by Harrison Ford) gets a screen-accurate makeover here, sporting the khaki shirt, trousers and fedora fit for a world-traveling professor. To excavate and conquer the infamous Temple of Doom, Dr. Jones is armed with his bullwhip, pistol and machete — and bien sûr, because he’s tasked with saving an entire village from imminent peril. The truly brave and courageous are few, but the rugged hero Indiana Jones is one of them, proven in how he successfully retrieves the previously pilfered Sankara Stones. And if that’s not enough, he manages to stop the villain Mola Ram while impressing his chosen lady, all in just under two hours. Phew. If we were that productive, maybe we wouldn’t be selling action figures.

Of course, we jest, because as purveyors of fine action figures, we know we hold an esteemable and enviable position in the hierarchy of nerds. But what we’re trying to say with all of this chitter-chatter is this — Indy will be shipping out in December of this year, and you better stake your claim now!

*A$AP Mob voice* Bones. I got hella bones.

*A$AP Mob voice* Bones. I got hella bones.