Play Arts Kai Joker and Robin from Arkham Origins

Square Enix has just delivered two new 10-inch figures right to our (currently ice-covered) doorstep, and boy, are we excited about these ones. (At least, we will be once our boogers de-frost.) This is the second wave of Play Arts Kai toys from the 2013 hit Batman: Arkham Origins. His vibrant green and violet ensemble complement his ghastly white skin and festering wound-colored lips, appropriately alluding to the psychopathic tendencies that lie within. Pointing a gun, presumably in the direction of Batman, the dark-minded criminal reminds us of what happens when an individual decides all hope for humanity is lost.

Generic, dystopian conclusions about the state of mankind aside, you need to cop this dude. Grab him ASAP because he’s coming for you — and we’ve got Robin, too!

Should I shoot Batman or nah?

Should I blow Batman to bits or nah?