Naruto’s Kakashi Hatake is Mega House’s newest statue!

An import from Japanese manufacturers Mega House, this 10-inch PVC statue rendering of the well-loved Kakashi Hatake from the hit anime and manga series Naruto Shippuden. He balances sure-footedly on a tree trunk while reaching behind his back for a weapon. A vibrant green scarf and meticulously sculpted hair spikes make him seem as if he’s leaping off the pages of your favorite dog-eared manga.

Made of PVC for color retention and maximum durability, you’d do well to consider him as a permanent part of your anime-inspired collection. And don’t forget that Mr. Hatake comes in display-ready window box packaging, dressed in his Anbu gear and prepped for a battle of legendary scale.

*ILoveMakonnen voice* I got the mask, and the cloak. I don't Hatake no mo'.

*ILoveMakonnen voice* I got the mask, and the cloak. I don’t Hatake no mo’.

Plus, how can you say no when even Gucci Mane is down for Naruto? Burrr!