New Wonder Woman statue depicts the true Art of War

The New 52 showed us that DC Comics had endless ideas and possibilities about the evolution of timeless, favorite comic-book superheroes and superheroines. Wonder Woman is no exception! Here, straight from the pages of her self-titled series, she soars into action as a hardy, courageous warrior. The Wonder Woman Art of War statue was meticulously designed by acclaimed artist and Harvard alum Cliff Chiang, a DC collaborator who’s known for his work on bringing the Green Lantern and Black Canary, among many others, to life on page.

Jonathan Matthews brought his sculpting prowess to the table to bring us this seven-inch statue, depicting a stoic and battle-ready Wonder Woman about to strike with her lasso and stately armor that recalls that of ancient Roman gladiators. She comes in a limited run of 5,200 only, so make sure you grab this statue before it’s too late!


If I were facing her in war, I would be more worried about that lasso than the sword. Yikes!