Transformers: Age of Extinction Snarl!

New from the well-loved Transformers: Age of Extinction line is Snarl, the last of their Dinobots to be released! Modeled after a Brachiosaurus, Snarl wheels and deals with prehistoric fierceness combined with machine toughness. Combining both translucent and opaque materials, his green and violet color scheme suits his character.

He is also unique in that he does not possess the “knight” look of other figures previously released in the Age of Extinction series — this guy is a cut beyond. He stands six inches tall and is part of the third wave of highly coveted Deluxe Class figurines. Your Transformers collection can’t be complete without this Deluxe Class figure, so order now! (And P.S.: We have Hot Shot, too!)

He looks friendly.

He looks friendly.


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