San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Super Best Friends Forever Poison Ivy

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, despite her ladylike and flowery name, is one of Batman’s primary and ruthless enemies. First appearing in comics as early as 1966, the supervillainess is a part-time botanist and a part-time eco-terrorist. Using her extensive knowledge of the biological plant world as a lethal weapon, she leaves destruction and fury in her red-haired wake.

This Poison Ivy, however, comes in a decidedly cuter package. Modeled after the Poison Ivy variation that appears in the 2012-and-onwards TV series Super Best Friends Forever, this six-inch figure points her cheeky, slightly innocent-looking gaze at you while outfitted in a metallic green bustier leotard. Arms akimbo, she demands what exactly you think you’re doing in her presence. Succumb to her charm this holiday season with this limited-edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figurine. Don’t miss out on Ms. Ivy!

Do gingers have souls?

Do gingers have souls?


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