Spinnerella and Mermista round out Masters of the Universe Classics line

From the much-adored, nostalgic Masters of the Universe Classics series come new additions Spinnerella (pictured below) and Mermista. Embodying the essence of feminine power and battle prowess, these two ladies are totally ready to carry on the legacy of the Great Rebellion and the Princesses of Power alike. Spinnerella, loyal helper to She-Ra who travels through the air in a whirlwind, comes with a shield, a spear and removable hair pieces to provide for ultimate mobility and recreate either her vintage toy aesthetic or her Filmation appearance. She also has a spiral fringe skirt and elegant turquoise and lavender spirals which hang from her cuffs, announcing her presence as she sails through Etheria.

Mermista, on the other hand, is the water-dwelling creature of Crystal Falls that’s also completely comfortable on land. The creatures of the sea are at her beck and call, as are all bodies of water, from trickling streams to crashing oceans. Remaining faithful to She-Ra, she pushes up against the threats of the Horde with her mystical spraying necklace. But she is no shrinking sea anemone — she had to behead the villainous Mer-Man of Eternia to save herself! Don’t get it twisted.

Both figures stand six inches tall and are manufactured by Mattel. They’re essential to complete your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, so don’t delay!

Two new Princesses of Power are here!

Two new Princesses of Power are here!