San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con exclusive two-packs

Phew! That headline made us have to come up for air a little bit, but that’s what it is, folks. It’s two new and ultra-exciting exclusives from two of the biggest comic cons in the entire world! Manufactured in a very limited run, these little green boxes pack not one, but two 3.75-inch-tall punches each.

Hal Jordan and Saint Walker are our first inseparable twosome (pictured below). Saint Walker is a spiritual beacon in the fantastical world of Astonia, eventually becoming the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps tasked with holding onto hope for the universe in the midst of a galaxy torn by misdeeds. He later endeavors to inspire Hal Jordan to be the Blue Lantern Corps’ new leader, entwining them in a partnership that cannot be torn apart by evil. They are manufactured in a run of 3,000, which makes them even more collectable. We’ve also got John Stewart vs. Atrocitus, a New York Comic Con exclusive also released in a limited run! Own the legendary duo and the epic nemeses in time for the holiday season!

If you like it, then put a (Blue Lantern power) ring on it.

If you like it, then put a (Blue Lantern power) ring on it.


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