Charlie Chaplin delights as the Tramp with this deluxe 100th anniversary figure

Some of the most significant parts of film history wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the original Tramp, English actor Charlie Chaplin. Through a career that spanned almost 75 years, he revolutionized the film industry in helping create what would be a trademark feature of the art medium as a whole  connection of characters and audience. A true creative master, he wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in and composed music for most of his films. Given an Honorary Academy Award posthumously, his unique brand of slapstick humor will be remembered through time.

And Charlie Chaplin is most definitely deserving of a gorgeously crafted figure like this 1/6 scale 100th anniversary collectors’ item! The Sima Enterprises figurine is styled according to his appearance as “The Tramp” in Kid Auto Races at Venice, and he comes complete with all the accessories to play the role just right. Pick up the deluxe version, which includes two head sculpts, 11 hand pieces, a walking stick, a flower, a camera with tripod, a chair, a nostalgic door scene and an action figure stand with the Charlie Chaplin logo inscribed upon it. You can also take home the figure sans chair and door, which you can check out here. Own this piece of film history now.

The Charlie is a Tramp.

The Charlie is a Tramp.


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