New Star Wars Black Series duo: Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper

The wildly in-demand Star Wars Black Series marches on and on! In the fourth wave of six-inch figures by Hasbro based on the film franchise, we’re excited to announce the arrivals of Anakin Skywalker #12 (pictured below) and Clone Trooper #14.

Previous Black Series figurines have been praised for their textured body and face sculpts, and these new guys are no exception. It’s clear that a lot of work has been put into the Black Series, and it’s progressively becoming the staple Star Wars collectors’ line. Hasbro has made some excellent figures here. They have been made to celebrate the original Star Wars characters in bigger and better detail, pulling on the heartstrings of adult collectors. Have they gotten to you yet? Own the new Anakin and Clone Trooper for the holidays!

For the ultimate Fanakin.

For the ultimate Fanakin.


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