BioShock Infinite’s Booker DeWitt with full articulation

The acclaimed first-person shooter gaming experience from Irrational and 2K gets the NECA treatment once again with American hero Booker DeWitt. Sent to the city of Columbia to rescue the young captive Elizabeth, becoming embroiled in a class battle between underdogs and the elite. When he discovers that Elizabeth has special capabilities that allow her to find “Tears” in space-time and influence the fate of Columbia, stuff gets real. Visually stunning and innovative when it comes to setting and narrative, Infinite won awards and was deemed the third-highest rated game of 2013.

Turn-of-the-20th-century ‘murrca and futuristic dystopian elements come together in the persona of Booker DeWitt. Here, he stands seven inches tall, arms out at his side and ready to grasp the weapon accessory. He also features moveable joints that will allow for multiple posing styles. NECA has ensconced him in classic clamshell packaging, great for box display or hands-on play alike.

Steampunk's not dead.

Steampunk’s not dead.


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