Why you may come to hate Marvel and DC’s movie race

In the action-film community, it’s already old news that Marvel and Warner Bros. (who holds the film rights to DC characters and storylines) are coming out with 19 new movies from now until 2019. Some pop-culture and comic-book heads have gone positively haywire with excitement, but others aren’t so stoked. But why? Whatever could possibly be wrong with some of DC and Marvel’s most revered and treasured personae and narratives coming to life on-screen? Isn’t this what all of us have wanted for literally years?

Not always, argues Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff, who says that he looks at a master list of the new film slate and “see[s] a long list of chores.” Which, well, makes sense. Nineteen films, at an average movie length of an hour and a half, means at the very least 1,710 minutes of sitting and watching a screen. That’s about 29 hours, or a part-time workweek. Factor in a movie-snack allowance and that’s already pretty hefty price to pay.

But thinking about it, it’ll be hard to escape the movies — let’s face it, they’ll be everywhere. Whether that will be on your Facebook feed or over the water cooler or buzzed about in the minutes before your biology lecture, it’ll be there. Do you want to be hopelessly uncool and out-of-the-loop when quotes from the movies are inevitably tossed around at beers with pals? This will be a very real concern for those afflicted with the chronic condition of FOMO.

VanDerWerff also raises the valid point that the DC-Marvel reveal only encompasses a slice of the whole amalgam that will be action films for the next few years. Releases from Fox (who own the rights to Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four characters) and Sony (who own Spider-Man) haven’t yet been announced, and who knows what the inside of that Pandora’s Box will look like? It’s true, friends — we are on the brink of a plague of serious viewing anxiety. What to watch and when and where and for how much? Is it all worth the investment? Is it just another way that the big dudes are trying to reach into our humble little geek pockets?

Alack and alas, there’s not enough continuous space-time for contemplation of all the abstract details. What’s clear is that we’re about to consume unholy quantities of popcorn.

Source: vox.com

Source: vox.com