Snake Plissken from cult gem Escape from New York, now by NECA

From NECA comes this eight-inch doll figure based on the 1981 American sci-fi action film Escape from New York. The cult classic involves a grim picture of late-’90s urbanity where Manhattan has been converted into a maximum-security prison. Brawny hero Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell) is charged with finding the President of the United States after he has been taken hostage by prisoners in the wake of a destructive Air Force One crash.

Plissken is the picture of archetypal pre-milennium manliness, complete with flowing locks, an eye patch and a luscious mustache-beard combo that screams “righteous rage”. His camo pants and muscle tee are real fabric, and he also comes with a removable jacket, holster belt and weaponry. Keep on fighting for the fate of the free world, Plissken. Order him now for delivery in December.

"The name is Plissken."

“The name is Plissken.”