Marvel’s Gladiator Hulk in an enduring jumbo statue

A mammoth figure like this one deserves at least a little backstory. Exiled to the deadly Planet Sakaar, he is forced to perform in a bloody gladiator ring, a dystopian echo of ancient Roman gore. Captured and enslaved, an “obedience disk” keeps the thence-dubbed Green Scar under the control of the Red King. Donning his helmet, armor and leather kilt, he’s ready to take on all that’s necessary — including the king himself, who he ultimately battles for hegemonic rule.

And it’s with this that we present this Hulk Premium Format figurine from Sideshow, in astonishing 1/4 scale and measuring over 30 inches tall. It’s one of the company’s most ambitious statue undertaking, and will be a valuable piece to both own and display. He’s absolutely essential for the sagacious Hulk collector.


Belle of the brawl.