The Walking Dead’s “Lone Wolf” Daryl Dixon gnaws at the fringes of humanity

More than just consumers of pop-culture accessories, we regard ourselves as active participants in a world of comics, games, movies and TV series that wouldn’t exist without those who keep them going. From manufacturers Gentle Giant comes this 10-inch statue of Daryl Dixon which was directly inspired and influenced by actor Norman Reedus’s fan base. Affectionately called “The Lone Wolf” by enthusiasts of AMC’s groundbreaking series The Walking Dead, Reedus is celebrated here in the form of Daryl Dixon on the hunt, flanked by two wolves.

Daryl and Reedus together embody the survivor spirit of “The Lone Wolf”, and Reedus’s constant and intentional engagement with his fans is testimony to the lasting impression of the character. To top it off, the statue comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, reinforcing the fact that such an uncommon persona can never be duplicated. Preorder this statue for delivery in June 2015.


Dixon and his wolf pals just ooze post-apocalyptic dude swagger.