A cheery reminder that LEGO would be obsolete without the help of Harry Potter and Star Wars

But seriously.

Source: geekculture.co

Source: geekculture.co

Licensing sprinkles its magical fairy dust all over almost-bankrupt franchises once again! And can we also talk about how it now costs $14,762 to buy every Star Wars LEGO set ever released?! Shiitake mushrooms. GeekCulture explored this issue earlier in the year, and it’s making its interwebs rounds again. What’s clear is that long gone are the days of LEGO being able to sell itself. The kids ain’t buyin’ it. But why not?! What’s more entertaining than multicolored stackable blocks that can be arranged only via exploring literally thousands of creative possibilities and combinations, forcing you to become a tiny ingenue on your bedroom floor?! I could hem and haw about the golden days of Mom hollering at you because she stepped on one of your tiny LEGO blocks embedded in the carpet and subsequently felt the sting of a million burning suns. Really, I could. But I have to go fix myself some prune juice now. And watch Golden Girls reruns. (I’m totally a Blanche, by the way.)


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