Witty, lovable Deadpool ushers in next series of statues in Marvel ARTFX+ line

In the wake of the announcement of a 2016 movie solely starring him, Deadpool has made his comical presence known in the worlds of die-hard aficionados and casual fans alike.

And now, we’re stoked to present one of Kotobukiya’s newest offerings in the form of the X-Force Deadpool. Kotobukiya has been expanding its Marvel ARTFX+ line with all of the Avengers, and now that they’re completed, naturally it’s time to move on to the X-Force! Here, Deadpool sports mutant black-ops team regalia, true to his persona of assassin-for-hire and collaborator with superheroes and villains alike. He toes the line between good and evil, but he’s anything but neutral.

Realized in 1991 by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, ‘pool is rendered in a statue so lifelike that you’ll swear he’s trying to engage in witty badinage with you. His interchangeable left hands can either give you a thumbs-up or wield a sword. If that isn’t a metaphor for his classic Deadpool personality, we don’t know what is. Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, he crouches on a magnetic display base. Preorder him ASAP for delivery in April.

"My common sense is tingling."

“My common sense is tingling.”