Marvel drops bomb that “everything ends” come spring 2015

Earlier today (in the wake of announcing their film lineup until 2020 last week, we might add), Marvel left us a morsel of knowledge via Twitter. By way of a cryptic, minimalist graphic, we were informed that…


Our first instinct was to echo the once-historic utterance of one Double Rainbow Guy — “What does this mean?” And then we put two and two together. What this could very well mean, comrades, is that the bad, bad brains at Marvel are churning out what will become a New 52 reboot. They’ve been teasing us for quite a while regarding the developments of certain story arcs, and the heads over at ComicBook are observing that “‘Everything Ends’ right before Marvel’s Secret Wars mega-event, and before any of the previous ‘summer 2015’ would take place. Could the end of everything be what triggers Secret Wars, and leaves the door open for all of those other realities and storylines?” It’s very possible that Marvel is trying to plunge us into a temporal rift in the space-time continuum where any sequence of events is possible and may totally obliterate our conceptions of the universe as we know it. Figuratively, of course.

Marvel has confirmed that the “Everything Ends” graphic constitutes their final teaser for 2015. Thank goodness, because we don’t know if we’ve fully recovered from the chain of heart attacks/double rainbows across the sky they’ve already given us. Marvel, you’re evil. And wonderful.