It’s morphin’ time… obviously.

When is it ever not?! Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, eventually cast aside his evildoing ways and gilded himself with the shining light of goodwill as the White Ranger. But before that happened, he had to get his hands a little dirty. Tamashii Nations is capturing this by making Tommy O. the first ranger to be realized in their Figuarts ZERO series. As one of the most complex and enigmatic rangers, he definitely deserves it. He comes painted in vibrant, gorgeous green detail, from his action-suit pose to his cracked-earth base. True to form, he appears in this statue clutching his Dragon Dagger as a flute to call the Dragonzord. He’ll be ready for shipping out in January, so reserve yours now.

Fun fact: Tommy Oliver eventually receives a doctorate degree.

Who would have thought that Tommy Oliver would eventually receive a doctorate degree?