Disgruntled dad hates Frozen, composes parody to prove it

By now, you probably have heard of or seen the 2013 animated Disney film Frozen, a whimsical adventure-drama featuring a wintry character roster composed of an iceman, a reindeer, a snowman, a princess and, because inevitably someone must need saving, a princess’s sister that must be rescued from a kingdom inadvertently turned to ice by her powers (oops). The movie has garnered a massive following, especially among young children. But for the guardians of these wee charges, well — it’s another story. In fact, Frozen has probably made more than one parent question their decision to procreate in an age where infants are able to operate laptops and DVD players.

This poor father is one of these courageous souls forced to question his sanity in the wake of innumerable forced viewings of squeaky on-screen interactions between cutesy woodland winterfolk. One of the most famous ditties from the film is the flowery ballad of hope “Let It Go”. But understandably, not everyone has found it so hopeful. Bravely expressing his feelings in the form of a parody is “A Frozen Father”, the anonymous hero of young dads everywhere. We salute you.