Menacing Xenomorph Queen of Alien franchise fame in her most gargantuan size ever

The monster-lady of terror herself is here, brought to life based on the aesthetic of the 1986 cinematic wonder Alien. Featuring 30 points of articulation, as well as measuring over 30 inches in length and 15 inches tall, the Queen is totally ready to intimidate her foes. A poseable and moveable tail allow you to realize every thwack and swish of her intimidating form.

Because she’s made to scale with other Alien figurines made by NECA, she can be postured in the most lifelike of displays alongside your other Alien collectibles. What better way to toast the 35th anniversary of the legendary series? Order her in time for Christmas, as she’ll be available for pre-order come December.

35? Darling, you don't look a day over 26!

35? Darling, you don’t look a day over 26.