Tremendously fierce! Gargantuan Red Hulk statue by Marvel and Sideshow

Marvel’s Red Hulk AKA General Thaddeus Ross was transformed into the wrathful Red Hulk as a cause of the deluded and violent infatuation he had with the Hulk. It’s a true case of being right in one’s enemy’s shoes — er, ripped trousers — and here, Sideshow has immortalized it in gorgeous polyresin premium format. Standing tall at 20 inches, this Red Hulk is on one bended knee and holds one tightly clenched fist at his side, ready to engage in altercation with whoever or whatever dares cross his fiery path. The former general’s other hand is open with the sheer force contained within his torchlike arms.

If you’re a real Rulkhead, you need to pre-order this statue for its craftsmanship finesse and pop-culture historical value. It will be available for shipping this September. Just take care not to get in the way of Thunderbolt Ross’s raging path!


[insert raging, Rulkish roar here]