Alan Oppenheimer the voice of Skeletor will be at 80s Toy Expo

80s Toy Expo are very pleased to have voice actor Alan Oppenheimer, best known to fans of the ’80s for his voice work as Skeletor, Man-at-Arms and Mer-Man from Filmation’s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, to the 2014 80s Toy Expo.  He is also remembered for his roles as Warpath, Seaspray and Beachcomber in The Transformers. Mr. Oppenheimer will be available all day for autographs and photos.

The show features a huge selection of vintage 80s toys and all the latest releases from today such as Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), Super Heroes (Marvel Universe/Legends, DC Universe etc), Star Wars (new and vintage), GIJoe (vintage and modern), Masters of the Universe (vintage and modern), Wrestling, and tons of other Action Figures and collectibles.

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