Aliens Movie Series 2 Figure NECA

Leading the lineup is a brand new version of the original 1979 Alien, which features an all-new sculpt with over 30 points of articulation and stands over 9 inches tall.

Figure #2 is the Aliens Warrior, which stands over 9 inches tall and has more than 30 points of articulation, including a bendable tail, hinged jaw, and sliding inner mouth. This version of the Warrior features blue costume highlights and a glossy, wet appearance.

The final figure in this new assortment is here to fight the Xenomorphs: Colonial Marine Sgt. Windrix stands approx 7″ tall and features shoulder camera, motion tracker, and flamethrower accessories, along with newly sculpted long sleeved arms bearing his sergeant stripes.

Who is Sgt. Windrix you ask?  The story behind Sgt. Windrix is incredibly interesting, to say the least. One of NECA’s fantastic sculptors is named Kyle Windrix, and his brother Craig, is currently battling cancer right now.  NECA proves once again that they are the coolest guys on the planet. It is awesome that Mr. Craig Windrix is getting an action figure of himself as a Colonial Marine.

Aliens Movie Series 2 Figure NECA


Expected Release Date: January 2014.

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