Pure Steele Book Launch, Wednesday (November 6th 2013)

Pure Steel Book Launch

PURE STEELE, a thrilling illustrated novel by KIM BELAIR and ARIADNE MACGILLIVRAY, is here at last! Join us to celebrate the release of their book, pick up a signed copy and enjoy the most suitable of venues, The Burgundy Lion Pub (2496 Notre-Dame O., Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N5). The party starts at 7pm (Wednesday, Nov 6th) and you’ll find them upstairs.

PURE STEELE will be available for purchase for $40 and both Kim and Ari will be deliriously happy to sign it for you. A few of the book’s illustrators will also be present, so get ready for the added value of their excellent signatures.

PURE STEELE – by Kim Belair and Ariadne MacGillivray
When an aging treasure hunter goes missing in ‘Darkest Africa’, his daughter Eleanor recruits the world’s greatest explorer to hunt him down. Set in 1910, PURE STEELE is the story of a ramshackle expedition into the heart of the Dark Continent, told in its own words. Part satire, part loving homage to pulp adventure, Pure Steele is an illustrated romp that brilliantly captures the spirit of the era with the winking wit of the modern day.

PURE STEELE also features illustrations from Benjamin Dewey, Karl Kerschl, Glenn Belair, Stephen Morrow and Brian Patterson.

Learn more by visiting PureSteele.com!

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Map of Burgundy Lion Location