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Barbie tokidoki Doll Tattooed

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TOKIDOKI!  The word means “sometimes” in Japanese, and the doll was designed by Italian artist Simone Legno. The little dog’s name is nothing nefarious; just the word for “pooch” in Italian. Her hair is very well done– it’s short, but seems to be consistent and even from doll to doll. It’s held down with… well, whatever the goop is, they have it cemented into place. If you take them out of the box, you can rinse her hair with lukewarm water and the styling stuff will come out, giving her a softer look.

There are so many fun details on the box, in the tattoos and on the costume that it’s a perfect doll for keeping one in the box and buying one extra for play. Even the pattern on the pants will keep you busy– the print is not really an animal print. It has little faces, hearts and other shapes in brown on gold to resemble an animal print. You’ll spend quite a while looking at all the details on this doll, and even on the box. Right now I keep it on my nightstand, and every time I pick it up I notice something I didn’t see before. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos of my dolls so you can see for yourself how pretty and fun she is. I re-styled one and wish I could have more like her, but that may not happen now.

Before you jump on the media outrage bandwagon for this doll’s moral turpitude, there are a few things you should know. First, this is not the first adult collectible Barbie to sport permanent body markings– the Harley Davidson dolls and Hard Rock Cafe dolls had them years ago. The media just never thought to point it out before. She’s also not the first doll– playline or collectible– to have pink hair. Too many have had pink hair for me to remember all of them. The media never pointed THAT out, either.

I’ve been playing and collecting Barbies for 37 years, attended national Barbie conventions, met and chatted with Mattel brass. Over the last 10 or 15 years, I’ve noticed a pattern. About every 6 months or so, there is some story about an “offensive” Barbie, or some story of general controversy. It’s generally during a slow news cycle. Barbie breaks up with Ken, Barbie’s clothing is too revealing, there’s a teacher Barbie with no undergarments– no, wait, there’s an adult collectible Barbie WITH undergarments! It never ends. It’s kind of like those stories about aspirin and coffee health benefits that pop up on occasion.

I could speculate, but what I know for sure is that nothing goes out Mattel’s front door without very careful consideration of ALL implications. I also know a former tabloid journalist, and I know people who want hits on their websites will create a story where there isn’t one. Someone is wagging Tokidoki’s poor little dog. Think about it– all this is free publicity for Barbie just before the holidays, and all these news stories are getting valuable advertising hits. Everyone wins!

Everyone, that is, except the long time collectors, and to an extent, the playline for children. If someone fans the flames enough, Mattel may never make a doll with tattoos again, or dolls with alternative hair colors, or a variety of skin colors. They may never take a risk of such a diverse doll as one designed by an Italian artist using Japanese influences. They may never make another openly gay celebrity playline doll like Rosie O’Donnell, or a controversial historical celebrity like Marilyn Monroe. We could go all the way to no Elvis dolls because he dared to move his hips on stage! Wouldn’t that be swell? It happened with the BFMC line. After all the flap about dolls without undergarments, now we can’t get dolls WITH them, all because of people making a spectacle of something they neither care for, nor do they understand. They don’t buy them, but they insist on regulating what WE ADULTS buy, even long after they have moved on and forgotten.

This is an adult collectible doll not meant for children. It will not make you cover your body in tattoos, give you an eating disorder, or color your hair. The only *possible* harm I can think of is that not too long ago Mattel recalled some toys from China because the paint had lead in it. This isn’t one of them, and you should be fine.

If you think about it, Barbie is a blank canvass, and she is what you make of her. She can sparkle, she can go to the moon, she can be the stuff of dreams both beautiful and gross. Don’t make her into a scapegoat when she never was one in the first place.   This item was sold out long ago….but if you are willing to pay the market price at Amazon then check it out.

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