Masters of the Universe : GRANAMYR

Granamyr™ is one of the oldest and wisest of the Eternian Dragons of Darksmoke, an ancient kingdom in Eternia’s Dark Hemisphere. He greatly distrusts most men after the Great Wars between dragons and humans in ancient times. As one of the most powerful magic users on Eternia® he possesses such extraordinary might that even Skeletor® dares not challenge him. When Man-At-Arms® was turned to glass by an evil spell, Granamyr™ provided He-Man® with healing magic, but only after Eternia’s bravest warrior proved he had not only great strength but great mercy and wisdom as well. The ancient dragon Granamyr™ guards Eternia’s magical secrets and rules all of Darksmoke.

The largest figure EVER in the Masters of the Universe line, Granamyr is a full 23” tall and boasts an 8-inch wingspan! Bright red and vicious, this fully-articulated figure has rotating hips, ball-joint elbows, wrists and feet. He comes in a closed box illustrated by Rudy Obrero and requires some assembly–that’s part of the fun, we promise.