Sideshow’s SNAKE EYES and TIMBER

SNAKE EYES and TIMBER are the latest additions to Sideshow’s amazing line of GI JOE figures. Naturally, they’re some of the best figures out there and any fan of the franchise can agree that they’d make a fantastic addition to a display shelf. Take a look below:

With some amazing crafstmanship and articulation on both figures, this is a good choice if you’re looking to get into the higher-end collectibles. The Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure features:

Snake Eyes – Prometheus Body – Muscular Arm Version with 16 points of articulation
Timber – Fully Posable with 12 points of articulation
Two Snake Eyes Portraits – one with visor, one with goggles
Detailed costume includes a TAD Gear Messenger Bag, Commando Sweater, and other new fabric elements
Grenade Launcher with multiple grenades
Assortment of switch-out hands
Pistol and Holster
Daito Sword