Hugh Jackman Wolverine Movie Promo Photo

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine 2013

Hugh Jackman bares his claws — and some incredibly ripped abs — in this first official image from The Wolverine.

The movie, a follow-up to Jackman’s 2010 flick X-Men Origins: Wolverine, went off the rails temporarily in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster. The film’s original director — Black Swan auteur Darren Aronofsky, who teamed with Jackson on artsy time-travel picture The Fountain — quit around the same time as the earthquake-induced meltdown.

New helmer James Mangold (I Walk the Line) then took over production of The Wolverine, which is currently filming in Japan. In the sequel, alpha mutant Logan, having spent his solo movie traipsing around North America, finds himself in Japan unsheathing his adamantium claws to shred battalions of samurai warriors. The story, scripted by The Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback, is based on a 1982 Marvel Comics adventure.

The Wolverine, which includes Will Yun Lee as the Silver Samurai and Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper, is slated to open July 26, 2013.

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