PotatOS Science Kit

Wow! With all these awesome ThinkGeek products, we’re almost Portaled out!

Nah, just kidding. We honestly can’t get enough Portal and we’re thrilled that ThinkGeek is feeding our Aperture addiction. Check out the latest:

All you need is a potato and you can wire up your very own GLaDOS-turned-root-vegetable in a hurry! Here’s a look at her specs:

It really works! When assembled, PotatOS’s light will illuminate & talk
17 audio clips from Portal 2 included
Press a button on the PotatOS unit when you need to crush your ego
Yellow light blinks when PotatOS speaks
Package includes:
1 main PotatOS unit
2 tall wire guides
2 round head pins
3 rubber bands
6 U-shaped staples
Miniature science fair poster
Potato not included, so add that to your grocery list
Click the details tab above to see what the PotatOS will say
Cardboard science backdrop includes new material from Valve’s writing team!
Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible
Batteries: CR2032 (included)