The Amazing Spider-Man Figures

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN figures are on their way! Pre-Order now and June will bring the first wave of extremely awesome 3.75 inch figures. Check them out:

Mega-Cannon Spider-Man, Symbiote Strike Spider-Man, Capture Trap Spider-Man, Hydro Attack Spider-Man, Grappling Hook Spider-Man, Symbiote Snap Venom, Glider Attack Green Goblin and Power Arms Dr. Octopus make up the first series of figures and grossly overstate the movie we’re all anticipating this summer– I don’t know how many times Spider-Man will use a mega cannon, but I have the feeling it will be less than once. Still, the figures are pretty rad and you can grab ’em individually or as a complete set.

Check out the new Spider-Man Movie Trailer: