Our favourite Trailers and Demos from E3’s opening day!

We love E3 and live for the new releases, the leaks, the announcements, the keynotes and everything else that goes down at the biggest video game show around. Naturally, it’s nearly impossible to cover everything, but here’s a selection of our favourite demos released yesterday. Check these out!

WATCH DOGS by Ubisoft Montreal looks so awesome that we were almost a little sad to see him pull out a gun. It’s not that we don’t like shooters, but can you imagine an urban game where strategy and environmental control was all you had? Definite yes.

THE LAST OF US is an atypical zombie game where the undead are not only just infected, but have fallen victim to a ficionalised version of cordyceps, a monstrous, brain-controlling fungus that also gruesomely rips open the heads of its hosts. Naturally, though, the real enemies are the other humans protagonists Joel and Ellie encounter while trying to make their way across America.

Aveline is the latest assassin to join the franchise in ASSASSIN’S CREED III: LIBERATION and she’s absolutely awesome. This video gives you a closer look at her arsenal.