May 12th-13th brings you the OTTAWA COMIC CON. The first of its kind, they’re really starting things off with a bang, nabbing some incredibly awesome guests, including Patrick Stewart, John De Lancie, Lou Ferrigno, Elvira and Jeremy Bulloch! If you’re a fan of any of these lads and ladies, you should definitely head over! We’ll be there, too, with some awesome deals on action figures, statues and a variety of other collectibles!

Here’s some more info from EMC Kanata

EMC entertainment – Ottawa Comiccon is set to launch this May 12 and 13 at the CE Centre where fans will have the opportunity to meet several popular actors and actresses from Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Incredible Hulk and Star Wars.

“It’s extremely exciting that we can bring events like this to Ottawa that normally wouldn’t have a place (to set up),” said Josh Zaret, general manager of the CE Centre.

Zaret also stated that the “financial impact and publicity” that Comiccon brings is doing wonders for the new centre as the event looks to bring fans from Ottawa’s neighboring cities together under one roof.

Local convention goers also have a share in the excitement as they wait for the convention’s detailed floor plan to become publically available.

“It’s difficult to (plan) right now because they haven’t released all of the programming yet,” said Courtney Stone, a Carelton University student and Ottawa Comiccon exhibitor. “But it’s exciting because I know they will have something for everybody.”

Stone said that her exhibit will feature jewelry and accessories she created out of polyhedral dice, “which are most know from games like Dungeons and Dragons.”

Among the exhibition buffs are those who immerse themselves in convention culture to a more extensive level. The cosplayers – those who dress as specific pop or science fiction characters – will be attending the event in throngs and are currently hard at work as they look to complete their costumes in time for weekend-long event.

Algonquin College alumnus, Morgan Dunbar has cosplayed in multiple Comiccon events where she would often create a different costume for each occasion.

“When you go to things like Comiccon or Fan Expo, it’s more common to see people dress up,” said Dunbar. “You actually end up standing out more if you don’t.”

This year, Dunbar plans to dress as Captain America, a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Creating the costume from scratch gave her the chance to add some personal flare on the more classic design.

“It was a lot of finding individual pieces and modifying them, like my helmet, which was originally green, but I spray painted it blue and hand painted the ‘A'” said Dunbar. “Others, like the belt, were made from scratch. I sewed all the pouches from my own pattern.”

Dunbar is also an exhibitor for Ottawa Commicon and plans to sell jewelry that she created out of polymer clay.

When asked about the decision to bring the convention to Ottawa, David Newman, vice-president of creative development at Ottawa Comiccon said that one of the main reasons was the multiple requests from fans on Facebook and countless ones from enthusiasts who normally attend the convention in Montreal but wished that the event was closer to home.

“Ottawa convention goers have really humbled us,” said Newman. “We knew we had a fan base here but we didn’t realize just how many.”

To those fans who are wondering whether or not Comiccon will make a returning appearance next year, rest easy: “We intend to make this event happen every year, for eternity,” said Newman.