Focusing in on his enemies, the Fearless Photog might be one of the strangest figures ever to join the Masters of the Universe ranks–which is saying a lot!  But there’s an interesting reason for that.

From Photog’s Wiki:

In 1986, a contest was held for children to send in designs for new characters. Five finalists were chosen, and people were then allowed to vote for their favorite. In the last page of the Spring 1986 issue of The Masters of the Universe Magazine, they announced 12-year old Nathan Bitner as the winner of the contest with his submission of Fearless Photog.

Nathan was awarded a scholarship for 100,000 dollars, plus a five-day trip to Disneyland.

Despite the contest’s premise, however, Fearless Photog never actually went into production. While claiming they no longer have the rights to produce an action figure of this character, Mattel gave it a small nod in 2011 on the bio of its Masters of the Universe Classics Captain Glenn figure.
At San Diego Comic-Con International 2011, Mattel later revealed that Fearless Photog would finally receive a figure, as the first entry in their six-figure Masters of the Universe Classics 30th Anniversary series.

You can read an interview with the now grown-up Bitner here and click the pic below to buy the figure and finally give that 12 year old boy his due!