Wildrose campaign bus raises eyebrows

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The worst thing for a politician isn’t to be feared or hated. The worst thing is to be laughed at.

That’s why the Wildrose Party is repainting its campaign bus.

It’s not clear if the Wildrose realized it had a problem with the paint job on the bus when it was unveiled on Monday morning – or if party officials realized they had a problem but hoped nobody would notice.

We noticed. Actually, I have to say I didn’t notice. Somebody had to point it out to me via a photo on Twitter.

I get the impression Wildrose leader Danielle Smith didn’t notice it either when she held a news conference at the Alberta legislature where she proudly unveiled the bus bedecked in multiple Wildrose logos and her much larger-than-life picture.

She had no idea she was about to make national news for all the wrong reasons.

As a gaggle of Wildrose candidates stood beside the bus, reporters asked Smith about the upcoming campaign. Nobody asked about the bus. Maybe it was because reporters couldn’t get a good look at the bus because it was surrounded by so many Wildrose supporters. Maybe it was because they didn’t see anything odd.

But then the crowd cleared away and a reporter snapped a picture of the bus and posted it on Twitter. And it went viral. Pretty soon national newsrooms began demanding that local reporters cover the story of the “questionable photo placement” on the Wildrose bus. What was apparent on the Twitter snapshot was that the giant picture of Smith’s head was unfortunately placed directly over the two rear wheels, right where her chest would be.

If you’ve ever suspected Twitter was invented by 13-year-old boys with a limited vocabulary and overactive imaginations, Monday was proof.

“Girls Gone Wildrose?” offered one Tweet as the Twittersphere went into overdrive with postings that alternated between juvenile guffaws and sharp rebukes for everyone to grow up.

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