Please Check out Everlast’s new music album

Everlast Music

I heard Everlast was the guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and it has been a while since I heard anything about Everlast (I have the song “What’s it like” on my iPod touch and it is on my playlist when I workout at the gym).   While listening to the podcast, they played a clip off his new CD and it sounds awesome (I get by)….check out the Youtube video below:

I purchased it off and I highly recommend this album.  Everlast is someone who constantly breaks barriers and crosses lines most urban music artists are intimidated to walk through, and he does so without compromising his art. He might receive less radio play because of it, but damn this is a very good album. Here is the Amazon link: Songs Of The Ungrateful Living [Explicit]

Check out Everlast’s website at: