Excited about the AVENGERS movie? Well, Movie Moron has a ton of photos to get you…well, even more excited!

Avengers Set Photos: Evans Looks Sheepish About His Costume…

But that’s okay, Chris. I’m sure you’ll look altogether less like a 4th of July novelty patriotic condom once the backroom boys and gals have worked their post-production magic on you and your Avengers super-chums. Speaking of whom, more pictures to follow of Johansson, Hemsworth, Downey Jr. and Renner, snapped during The Avengers’ recent stopover in NYC.

It was only a couple of weeks back that we saw footage of Evans and Chris Hemsworth, in their roles of Captain America and Thor, laying the smacketh down on some stuntmen as the Avengers shoot visited Cleveland; that Ohio city handily filling in the Marvel super-team’s regular stomping ground of Manhattan whilst, in all likelihood, simultaneously earning the production some lovely tax breaks.

However the movie has now shifted to the actual Big Apple and it looks as if just about the whole gang has made the trip.