McFarlane Baseball: Series 28

The 28th Series of McFarlane’s MLB Baseball figures has now arrived and Series 28.5–a small addendum to the line–is going to be here soon!

Series 28 features seven six-inch figures and a couple variants for some of the players. You’ll find Mariano Rivera, David Wright, Kevin Youkilis, Andre Ethier, Ryan Howard, Jason Heyward and Buster Posey.

Following that, look to 28.5 to bring you Cliff Lee, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. You can order these guys now and expect them to ship out later in the month!

They all look great: brilliant sculpting, high levels of detail and likenesses you’ll need to see to believe. Whether you just want to grab your favourite player or you’re a heavy-duty collector, it doesn’t get much better than these!