Ghostbusters II: Complete Action Figure Box Set!

If you’re a Ghostbusters II fan who just wants to get down to brass tacks when it comes to action figures, look no further than the above box set!

Winston, Egon, Ray and Peter look awesome as 6-inch figures and they come packed with fan-favourite Slimer, who unexpectedly stole the show in both films and went on to have a surprisingly successful career for a character who didn’t actually have an official name for a long time. Fans of the franchise will want to pick this one up as it’s the most complete set of GBII figures you can get and each one makes a great addition to your toy shelf.

Meanwhile, from MusicRooms, Dan Aykroyd speaks on the possibility of a third entry!

Dan revealed that any chance of a third movie in the series hitting cinemas is dependent on Bill, although a script has been made available by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupitsky, who also wrote hit television show The American Office.

While a script has been penned, Sony Pictures Entertainment insists that 60-year-old Bill must return as Doctor Peter Venkman before the movie is given the green light. However, the notoriously reclusive Bill stated recently that he hasn’t yet read any script for the long-rumoured third installment of the successful series.

But 58-year-old Dan, who portrayed Doctor Raymond Stantz in the first two movies – released in 1984 and 1989 respectively – has reiterated his commitment to Ghostbusters 3, saying that “we hope to make the movie with Bill Murray – that’s where we’re standing”.

The Blues Brothers star also said that any third film will showcase a new group of Ghostbusters, suggesting that “there’s a great story to be told” as he believes the “promise of the new movie is handing the torch over” because the original Ghostbusters – Raymond, Peter, Winston Zeddemore and Doctor Egon Spengler – “are a little taxed physically now” and they “can’t be frontline operators any more”.

Many movie insiders have suggested that established comic actors such Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen would be perfect for the new Ghostbusters team.