Alan Rickman on the End of Harry Potter

Going to miss the Harry Potter franchise when it comes to an end this summer? I think it’s safe to say you’re far from the only one–even the cast has a hard time letting go. From MTV’s Movies Blog, here’s a look at one send-off…

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. Every “Harry Potter” fan around the world is about to learn that lesson the hard way, if they haven’t already.

But it’s not just “Harry Potter” fans that are struggling through mixed emotions as the series barrels towards its conclusion this summer: it’s the actors as well. Alan Rickman, who stars in the franchise as the chronically misunderstood potions master Severus Snape, had quite a lot to say about the ending of “Potter” in a new issue of Empire Magazine (via BuzzFeed), addressing author J.K. Rowling specifically in a letter crafted for her (and the public’s) eyes.