Montreal Mini ComicCon at Place Bonaventure 2011

Just got back from the Montreal Mini Comic Con held at the Place Bonaventure last Sunday (May 1, 2011).   Half of the admission proceeds were donated to the Red Cross for the Japan Relief so it was a good cause.  We had 3 booths and it was pretty slow….luckily we had tons of food to keep our bellies happy.  We had Banh Mi  (Vietnamese baguette sandwich),  BBQ pork and Curry beef buns.   Screw the veggies….we just wanted our carbs.

It was a beautiful Sunday and it was tough working and manning the tables with weather like that.  Anwways…as promised, here are some pictures from the show….we had a little helper with us….and she was NOT camera shy.  There was an actual wrestling ring set up near our booths and the noise was bothering the little flower girl.

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