The first series of a new TERMINATOR figure collection is on its way! You can pre-order now and it ships in July from the good folks at NECA. Take a look at what’s on offer:

The first three figures from the Terminator Collection are the T-800 Endoskeleton, the T-800 Cyborg (Tech-Noir) and, of course, the T-1000.

These are absolutely stunning items, as you might expect from NECA. The level of detail is rarely matched and the likenesses are sure to impress. If you’re a fan of the films or the franchise as a whole, you’ll definitely want to snag these great tributes to some classic characters.

These guys are available for pre-order now and will be shipping in July!


HAPPY EASTER! From Angry Birds

If you’re excited for Easter, please remember that you should probably feel angry instead: in case you haven’t gotten in the spirit, yet you should probably check your Seasons app to see if there’s a little something waiting for you.

Easter is just around the corner and with it comes an update for Angry Birds Seasons.

The version 1.4.0 brings a new theme and 15 new levels. Chocolate eggs abound, the pigs are wearing bunny hats and the birds are angrier than ever.

Angry Birds Seasons is available for the iPhone for 99 cents, and the iPad version costs $1.99. The game is free for Android.

Rovio, the maker of the popular mobile game, recently released a special holiday edition for Valentine’s Day and another for St. Patrick’s Day.

MEZCO’S Stylized Roto Series: SAW PUPPET & JASON

Mezco proudly presents a brand new pair of 10-inch figures based on two of the biggest horror franchises of all time. Both are rotoscoped for awesome design and stylised in a way that makes them both distinctive and iconic.

This Mezco JASON is a 10 inch-tall rendering of one the most terrifying slasher antagonists ever. He features a removable trademark hockey mask, three camper-killing weapons, real cloth clothing, and a full 14 points of articulation. This is definitely one that the fans of both the films and the overall genre will want to snag.

The Saw Puppet is the second of the figures and commemorates the Saw franchise. Opening the door for the whole “torture porn” franchise, the Saw series was a surprise hit in a world that seemed more…shall we say…evolved? But nevertheless, the films and the puppet have made their way into the public consciousness and into the last moments of a great many unfortunate victims.

STIKFAS: Black Alpha Male

The new BLACK ALPHA MALE Stikfas figure has arrived! Part of a huge collection of fully-customiseable Stikfas figures, it’s another great find for fans.

And if you’ve ever looked at these guys and wondered “Hey, what could I do with these?” then the wiki has the answer:

The poseability and customizability of STIKFAS action figures has attracted the attention of the online webcomic community. Several artists use out-of-the-box or customized STIKFAS as characters in continued webcomic adventures. The exceptional articulation enables nearly boundless expressions through body-language, while the blank slate faces provide unlimited facial options using Stikers, clay, paint, and/or digital tools. Within these webcomics, customizations to the blank STIKFAS include the addition of hair, facial features, and clothing. Clay, cloth, yarn, thread, and paper are the most common customizing materials. The comics also frequently include unique sets and props, often created by the artist or merely commandeered from other toy lines (Playmobil, Lego blocks, Megabloks, and so on).

A few of the more notable webcomics using STIKFAS action figures include:

  • Perils of the Bold – This humorous spoof of medieval and high-fantasy storylines uses customized STIKFAS figures and Shockini block figures to depict a band of misadventuring heroes delving into deep dungeons and fighting a variety of monsters. PotB, created by Erik Kjerland, was the first STIKFAS webcomic to digitally add facial expressions to the figures in post-production.
  • Depth Of Field – A slice-of-life themed comic created by Lauren Tozer-Kilts that uses lightly customized or stock STIKFAS. This comic follows the often supernatural adventures of four friends and roomies. Instead of providing facial expressions on the STIKFAS, Lauren uses emoticon-type faces in speech balloons.
  • Stuck – This comic pits the various weapon-themed figures in constant and humorous combat on an abstract battlefield. While no faces are included on the blank STIKFAS, the action poses express the belligerence and skill of the combatants.
  • Sigmartyr – A dark science fiction action comic created by Nick Davis, that is set in a gritty world devastated by a constant conflict between the League Alliance and the Omega Coalition. This comic primarily uses regular and customized STIKFAS figures, along with various GI Joe & Corps vehicle props to tell the story of Sigmartyr. This comic has a mature theme and is presented in an old school grainy Black & White style, with visual effects added in post-production.


Little Big Planet: Do-It-Yourself SACKBOY

If Little Big Planet’s SACKBOY is looking a little pale, consider it an invitation to turn one of video games’ cutest characters into, well…anything you want!

Standing about 9 inches tall, this item’s definitely in the spirit of something like Munny, allowing anyone to give their own spin to the character. Already my fingers are crossed for an artists’ series and, given the popularity of the game itself, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened. You can pre-order now and the figure will ship out to you in June!

Take a look at this and more in our Little Big Planet section!


The new Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Bankstands about 10 inches tall and glows in the dark, meaning that your spare change will be illuminated and extremely easy to see, but that it will also be tucked neatly away within a monster that will hopefully dissuade any potential thieves. Hopefully.

This bank was actually a 2010 New York Comic Con exclusive item, meaning that it’s a rare find but a great one for any Ghostbusters fan! If you couldn’t make the Con, don’t miss out!


The RODIMUS CONVOY MP-09 12-inch figure is a real treat for long-time Transformers fans and based on the original, first-generation toys you may have fallen in love with years ago.

Part of the growing Transformers TAKARA collection, Rodimus is a big, bad figure and joins the likes of Ultra-Magnus, Suzuki Swift Bumblebee, Skywarp, Grimlock and a bunch of others from both the Autobot and Decepticon affiliations.