Voldemort Cat Finds Loving Home

From Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann comes some good news for those who worried for cat that looks like Voldemort!

A cat in Britain is getting a happy ending despite his striking resemblance to one of literature’s scariest villains. Last week The Telegraph published a story about how Southampton’s Blue Cross Centre was having a hard time finding a home for Charlie, a 14-year-old cat, because his ears and nose were amputated to prevent his skin cancer from spreading.

Veteranarians hoped a Harry Potter fan would be interested in a “Voldemort cat,” and the plan worked. After his photo appeared in the media Charlie received dozens of adoption offers. However, the woman who reserved him first actually isn’t a fan of teen wizards. “They got on really well and we are now making the preparations for him to go home with her at the weekend,” said a spokesperson. “She is not a Harry Potter fan, she just heard of his plight for a nice, quiet home and she could offer him that.”

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that Terminator Dog ends up as lucky!