Coming in the third quarter of this year, Sideshow/Hot Toys’ new DELUXE JACK SPARROW FIGURE can now be pre-ordered! It’s another stunning piece from the guys who do it best, and you need to see it to believe it!

Standing about 12 inches tall, it features an uncanny likeness to Pirates of the Caribbean star (and general movie star) Johnny Depp. Plus, there are a ton of other little additions and features that are generally the hallmark of the companies that made this one:

* TrueType body with over 30 points of articulation
* Individually sculpted hair pieces with accessories and red hair band
* Two (2) interchangeable portraits with realistic beard and plaits on chin
* Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) patented by Hot Toys Limited
* Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable hands with rings and glove on right side including:
* One (1) pair relaxed
* One (1) pair for holding flintlock pistol
* One (1) right hand for holding saber
* One (1) pair for holding rudder or telescope
* One (1) pair showing his iconic gesture
* One (1) faux-leather detachable brown hat
* One (1) cream-colored long-sleeved shirt
* One (1) blue and brown patterned vest
* One (1) dark brown long jacket
* One (1) pair of dark brown pants
* One (1) dark brown and (1) light brown faux-leather with buckle
* One (1) dark brown faux-leather patterned shoulder band with saber sheath
* One (1) pair of brown boots
* Two (2) flintlock pistols
* One (1) saber
* One (1) left lace wristband and one (1) right wrist band
* One (1) scarf
* One (1) piece of feather on waist
* One (1) compass
* One (1) small telescope
* One (1) long telescope (US and Japan Exclusive)
* One (1) head sculpt of his mother
* One (1) duck’s foot sculpture
* One (1) movie-accurate rudder with base and movie nameplate
* Figure stand with Captain Jack Sparrow nameplate and the movie logo


Sideshow’s New STORM Comiquette

Shipping in the 3rd quarter of this year is a brand new, 17-inch STORM Comiquette, part of the Women of Marvel collection. A return to her punky look of yesteryear, Storm rocks the mohawk and looks beautiful, confident and powerful as she gazes up at the sky.

Based on the stunning work of Jelena Djurdjevic, it’s a great addition to the display shelf of any Marvel fan and part of a line that seems way overdue. Can’t wait to see what else the line’s got in store!

Indiana Jones: IDOL PIGGY BANK

Big Indy fan? Then you might want to grab your sandbag and swap it out for one of these babies…

It might not be worth its weight in gold, but if you’ve got some cash on hand, you can store it in this Golden Fertility Idol bank from Diamond Collectibles. Taken from one of the most iconic scenes in the Indiana Jones franchise–perhaps even in cinema in general–it’s a great addition to any fan’s display shelf and looks just brilliant in both colour and design.

STAR TREK: The Original Phaser

This could be YOU!

Maybe you don’t have the snazzy uniform (or maybe you do), but you can now get that sweet phaser for your very own! Diamond has now created a life-size replica of the phaser that you can use to tackle any manner of alien menace that should come your way. Also good if your crew gets out of line.

This item is a brilliant collectible for any Trekkie or Trekker and also works very well as a perfectly-rendered prop for any ST cosplayer.

STAR WARS: The New R2-D2 Bank!

A new addition to our incredibly large (and growing!) Star Wars collection is this R2-D2 Bank!

Description: Add the droid that started it all to your collection and start saving the galaxy one coin at a time with this all-new Star Wars R2D2 Figure Bank! Perfectly in scale with your Ultimate Quarter Scale action figures, this Oluf Hartvigson sculpt measures approximately 11 inches tall and features all the style and precision details of an expensive statue at a fraction of the price!

SUNDAY: The MONTREAL Mini Comic Con!

Check out the Montreal Mini Comic Con this Sunday, May 1st!

May 1st • 11:00am-5:00pm • Place Bonaventure • $6 at the door*

Half of ticket sales will be donated to the Red Cross to help Japan and its people.

The mini-Comiccon is hosted by the Montreal Comiccon. This is a small-scale event where visitors can meet a dozen of local artists, participate in a masquerade and a costume contest, as well as buy products from a large array of dealers – comic books, manga, collectibles, movies, video games, toys, and much more!

Tickets will only be sold at the door (room 200-N). Free for children under 10.

COMING SOON: The Electronic Big Daddy Bouncer

I am a massive Bioshock fan and I couldn’t be happier that toys and figures are still being produced even as we struggle through the days until 2012’s BIOSHOCK INFINITE. Coming in July, we’ve got a new and awesome addition to the collection with the DELUXE Electronic Big Daddy!

Standing about 8 inches tall, this Big Daddy is essentially the previous model, but with something decidedly cooler added (whether he visited a Power to the People station we’re not quite sure): working lights go from green to yellow to red depending on the mood of what Ryan called the “lumbering palooka”. Stunningly and lovingly rendered by NECA, you can pre-order now and expect it to arrive this summer!