It’s not often that Sideshow creates a 6-inch figure, but a character as awesome as he is diminutive is definitely a good reason for them to give it a shot.

Naturally, it’s a beauty. Take a look!

Sideshow’s Yoda comes with everything you’ll need to make Jedis out of your other Sideshow Star Wars figures! You can pre-order him now and he’ll be shipping in the first quarter of this year. As with all of their figures, Sideshow’s added a ton of features. Here they are:

* All new portrait and newly developed articulated 5.5″ tall body
* Detailed costume including robe, tunic, and belt
* Two (2) sets of switch-out hands
* Two (2) sets of switch-out feet
* Cane
* Herb pouch
* Necklace
* Log

In other words, everything you’ll need to make Yoda as awesome on your display shelf as he is in the films–which is actually pretty awesome once you think about all the cool stuff he did. Check him out!