Beyblade Rules for Tournament Play

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  • Beyblades are spinning top toys used to compete in games known as ” Beybattles.” The game is played informally among friends and formally in official tournaments. The tops are launched using a ripcord. The last Beyblade spinning is the winner. It sounds simple, but there are a few rules that govern the Beybattles.
  • Beystadium

  • All Beybattles must take place in a Beystadium. The Beystadium must not be placed on a table or other raised surface. The Beystadium should have three penalty pockets. If you touch the Beystadium at any time during the battle, your opponent is awarded three points and the battle is immediately ended.
  • Launch

  • To launch a Beyblade and begin the Beybattle, a player must shout “3,2,1…let it rip,” and launch the Beyblade using the ripcord. There is only one launch allowed per player per battle. If the Beyblade misses the Beystadium, your opponent receives one point. You must not make contact with your opponent during launch–if you do, it will cost you one point.
  • Beybattle

  • The last top to remain spinning at the end of a game scores one point. If your Beyblade enters any of the penalty pockets in the Beystadium, your opponent scores two points. These points can be gained only once per battle. There are three Beybattles, sometimes called rounds, per game.
  • Customizing

  • There are many parts to your Beyblades, such as attack rings, weight discs and spin gears. It is acceptable, and encouraged, to swap the parts of your Beyblades to create new Beyblades that behave differently during battle.
  • Multiple Players

  • The same rules apply if more than one player is involved, except that the first player to score seven points is the winner.
  • Tournament Play

  • “Tournament Beyblade” is the formal side of the game. It encourages sportsmanship and fair play. Any player violating this ethos can be disqualified. For the most part, tournament Beyblade follows the same rules described above, but there are a few exceptions. Only official Hasbro merchandise can be used. Only two players compete in a Beybattle tournament. You will automatically lose if you miss the beginning of your game, launch your Beyblade too soon, or delay its launch before or after the “3,2,1…Let it rip” requirement. Each Beyblade must consist of an attack ring, a weight disc and a spin gear, leaving the bit chip as an option. It is forbidden to launch a Beyblade from a standing, running or jumping position. If a Beyblade enters a penalty pocket and still manages to out spin its opponent it is declared the winner; and the referee’s decision is final.
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