BLOG REC: Catalog Living

Seen CATALOG LIVING yet? If not, allow me to inform you that it’s absolutely hilarious, taking some of those ridiculously contrived or just plain strange images you often see in those better living/house and home catalogues and seeking to explain how people might live with or in them. The site tells the ongoing story of Gary and Elaine, who dwell in these unlikely places. Here are a few samples, but check out the whole site! You won’t regret it.

Elaine, have you thanked me yet for putting a twig on your books so they don’t blow away? Hm?

By placing the severed hand and horse sculptures next to each other, Gary created a disturbing but cathartic shrine to their ill-fated Arizona trip.

They brought out the penguin plates every year, but it wasn’t until just now that Gary recognized the lusty and sad tale of adultery and single parenthood depicted in them.